“I haven’t gone completely insane, but I’m pretty sure it’ll happen soon.”
 – Megan Fox

If you ask me what I do, I’ll tell you I’m a writer. My resume says a bunch of different things (journalist, author, poet, multimedia editor) but all those are just fancy ways of saying I write a lot of things.

After I got my Bachelor’s degree I moved to Las Vegas where I wrote cool articles for glossy entertainment magazines that discussed things like insane cocktails, DJs spinning at Hakkasan, and nightlife on The Strip. I still write those pieces occasionally, but right now I’m focused on publishing my novels and poetry.

I am constantly evolving, devolving, and evolving again. I think sanity is a luxury, and confess to being a bit of a cynic. I love a good sarcastic comment, the feeling of uncontrollable laughter, and the excitement of finding a good book.

I write to make sense of things that probably won’t ever make sense, and to put words to feelings too complex (or too frustrating) to understand. I created ByZauni as a journal to pour out my insanity, and a place for people to read stories that will make them feel understood.

Please always feel free to comment what you feel – say what you like, what you don’t like, if you agree, if you disagree, tell your stories, own your truths, call things out, and more. On this site I write brutal truths, ugly, pretty, and heartbreakingly raw things and I invite and encourage you to treat this space as a safe forum for you to write those things too.

Currently I live in Las Vegas where I write all day. My debut poetry book comes out May 2018, and I’m in the market to adopt a cat, so … that’s something.

Visit my professional site (with my portfolio): zaunitanil.com

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