January Letter 2018

Sunday, January 21, 2018

*This post was originally written on January 1st, 2018

There's a stillness today. Not quite peace, but there is something ... poised about this day. It's as if 2018 is the new kid in class, sitting with his back upright and eyes at full attention, desperate to prove to us all he's here to be taken serious. It's almost as if the world wants us to note the clear distinction of the year; yesterday was what it was, but today? Oh today is something new; something different. 
I'm not mad at it.

I've got a thing for writing these letters. They're monthly reflections on pretty much how I screwed up the previous month and how I have high hopes to do better the next. Or else they're ridiculously sad. Hopeful, no doubt, but tinged with bits of depression. I started doing these letters back in 2014. I was in a drastically different space then, and loads younger (I mean mentally more so than years). Back then most of my letters were about being lost, attempting to find myself in a haze of doubt, confusion, greed and insecurity. At the time those letters helped me make sense of some things. And while somewhere down the line I got too uninspired to write them, they did serve a purpose.

Now, standing at the start line of 2018 I am a different woman. Less loss, more self assured, happier and wiser with a clearer understanding and less of a filter. Back then I only had vague dreams of the things I'd be doing. As of today I am a credited writer finishing up my first book, traveling around the world and working in fashion. And I've got a bunch more planned for the rest of the year. So much, in fact, I think it'd be quite nice to keep record of it all. So the monthly letters are back. In a slightly different way, with a slightly different aim (*think less complaining and more celebrating, less "this is everything I did wrong" and more "how I've navigated through this maze called life").

Throughout January I'll be pushing myself hard creatively; writing with no boundaries and creating with no filter or second thoughts. I've been attempting to make myself as uncomfortable as possible because I've come to understand that elevation cannot occur without it. So I'm trusting my talent and going full force, believing that my work will attract the right attention that will present the right opportunities. Also I'm giving life to projects that have been shelved far too long. This month I'm trying so many new things, keeping what works and tossing what doesn't. But staying consistent. Always being consistent.

This year I'm beginning a journey that I spent 2016 and 2017 being prepped for, to be honest. All the things I want will be manifested this year because I am finally ready. The past two years I was so utterly distracted, so unprepared, so confused that what I wanted couldn't have found me. I had lessons I needed to learn. Now, though, I am ready. It took a few years, but the time has come. So cheers to that. 

Let's hope all monthly letters will be this cheerful.
One can only dream.

Stay tuned ...

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