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Sunday, January 21, 2018

I should probably start by saying I'm a highly cynical person. 

If you were to ask my friends, that's probably what they'd say. Which is quite ironic because I think people who call themselves cynics only do it because they hope people will prove them wrong. They're not really cynics, just believers dressing up their hope in disguise. But honestly I'm not all that cynical. I'm only distrustful of integrity when I know the person to be untrustworthy. Otherwise I just think a lot of people are full of shit.

But I also think a lot of people are really delightful. I guess that's the gemini in me; always contradicting myself, always arguing both sides. I've got an interest in people, you could say. I like hearing stories. I like people who share dreams. Those late night talks that drag on till 6 am, where yawns and bloodshot eyes say you should call it quits but the conversation is just too good? I live for those. Give me enough time and I'll have you pouring out your heart. I think it's my questions. People say I ask good questions. 

I say all this to tell you that I've got an interest in the way people behave and how they think. Because if we're going to be friends, if you're going to read my writing and comment what you think and tell me how its either beautiful or horrid you need to understand why I do it.

I live my life in grays. I like exploring nuances (which sounds awfully pretentious, but I promise it isn't). People's actions aren't black and white; there are so many driving forces behind why we do the things we do, why we live the way we live and why we love the way we love. God, I can talk about it for hours. And there's countless ways these forces can be interpreted. So I write. I write to make sense of it all - the bad behavior, the toxic relationships, the unrequited love, the death of fragile children, the hate seeded in hearts. I write to understand why people shove knives into their bodies in an attempt to stop suffering; I write to make sense of men who wonder aimlessly and women addicted to pain; I write to know what it means to love another and more important what it is to know God. I write because I have to know these things to survive. I have to attempt understand of things that aren't always meant to be understood. I have to try, otherwise what's the point? 

Quite simply, I write because I exist. There is no separation.

But I live too. No, you mustn't think that I just toil away at my keyboard spitting words out into a world I play no part in. No, I enjoy life. I live in Las Vegas, the city of sin, so that should tell you something. I'm a fan of good food - pastas with heavy, cream sauces, aged tequila, anything with truffle oil, and a nice cut of meat from STK (although I do love cheap bottles of wine). I adore style and fashion design and covet anything Prada. I travel quite frequently, read about 8 books a week and spend far too much time listening to rap. I've done a plethora of things such as sell italian shoes, design websites, write for an entertainment magazine, work for Sarah Jessica Parker, be a style editor, etc. And I've lived in a few cities too. I'm not one for routine, I like a good adventure. I do appreciate the luxuries of life, but it's all relative. As long as I've got family, love, food and faith everything is divine (and my writing of course).

I could drone on and on about myself (I mean, after all it is my site). But I think I've said enough. I am assured in what I do and my talent, but all in all I don't take everything so seriously. I started this site to dump all my ramblings, and to share my unpublished writing as well as the other little luxuries. And also, to spread a little bit of hope. Because even though I'm a bit sarcastic and roll my eyes a lot, I really do believe there's a lot of good out there. And we should share it.

Oh God, maybe I am one of those fake cynics.
Or maybe I'm just full of shit.

Stay tuned ...

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